Where do I buy the product?

All products of Barummedi Co., Ltd. can be purchased only in the clinic where products are supplied as cosmetics for the clinic.
Even if it is a hassle, please visit the hospital where the product was supplied near you.

I want to know where to buy.

If you want to know where to buy it, please write down the area where you can buy it and the name of the product you want to purchase in the purchase area of ​​Customer Center, and it will be automatically sent to the Barummedi manager, and he/she will reply you.
When you sign up, you need to write your e-mail address correctly so that the answer can go.
It is easier to reply if you can put as many places as possible in your purchase area.

How do I apply for a sample?

Samples are sent out to only 20 people a week on a first-come-first-served basis. Please apply sample application in the customer center or main page.

In what order do I use it when I use it with the applying treatment?

Due to the nature of the product, there are many cases where it is used together with the treatment.
In this case, it is best to apply cosmetics first, then apply treatment cream after about 10 minutes.
In some cases, the method of use may be different, so if you have a way of telling the specialist, you can use it according to the method.

How was Barummedi Co., Ltd. produced?

Barummedi Co., Ltd. is a Korean pure technology product developed jointly with UCL Co., Ltd., a leading cosmetics producer in Korea.
We use only safe and proven raw materials to develop and sell only skin-friendly products of fragrance-free, no-clean, non-alcoholic.

Order of Use of MedMed Product

If you use various Barummedi products together, it is the correct order.
Acniso Mousse Foam – Acniso Skin Essence – Wundheal Natural Repair Cream – Whydro Q – Cellbrick Cream/Lotion
Thank you.

The difference between Cellbrick skin Relief Cream and lotion

The biggest difference between Cellbrick Cream and Lotion is the difference between the oiliness and the feeling of applying.

The cream has a little bit more heavy than lotion and has more oil. With this difference, the cream is used for dryness and narrow areas, and the lotions are used for the whole body including the face and the hot iron such as wide area or summer.

You do not need to use both products together on the same part. If you have systemic dry skin, you can apply a lotion for the body, and you can use a cream on your face or the back of your hand for more dry and narrow areas.

Occasionally, if you have a general sense of dryness, you can use Cellbrick Cream in your whole body.

How to use Whydro Q White Revolution Cream correctly

Whydro Q White Revolution Cream is made with the natural ingredients and has little skin irritation, so the ingredients are light and non-toxic, so there’s no need to dip or apply only overnight.

It is the most efficient way to spread evenly over the entire face with the same concept as basic cosmetics after cleansing in the morning and the evening.
If you want to use Barummedi product with Wundheal , you can use it in the order of Wundheal – Whydro Q.

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